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Mebane is in my heart; it is my home. Mebane is where the tradition of knowing your neighbor and building a future lives. – Sean C. Ewing

Working to make Mebane work for you – Sean knows a strong leader is accessible to those he serves. He is engaged with all corners of the Mebane community. Sean knows that city leadership begins outside council chambers–on the streets–listening to what the people of Mebane have to say. Enthusiastic, motivated, and an active community leader, Sean has proven himself–again and again–eager to reach out, listen, and respond with an inclusive vision of a better Mebane.

Sean Ewing for Mebane City Council

Having served in the US Air Force and Air National Guard, Sean is committed to serving the people of Mebane on the City Council.

Sean knows that a better Mebane for everyone begins when leaders are out front listening to and engaging with the people of Mebane. Sean hears the people say Mebane’s vibrant and charming downtown and collection of family-owned local businesses are some of its greatest assets. By listening, Sean recognizes small businesses want accessible, responsive, and supportive local leadership. He hears that downtown’s continued success can be promoted with simple solutions like quality signage encouraging our many visitors to visit downtown. 

Sean C. Ewing for Mebane City Council at New Millennium Fittness

New Millennium opened in 1999. Today was the first time anyone on city council or running for Mebane City Council has asked Allen Crowder about his concerns and vision for Mebane.

When concerns are heard and plans are made, it is up to future leaders – like Sean – to expedite plans into action. Be it the need to improve our local schools through innovative city-county partnerships, for better city-to-citizen communications, to more quickly follow through on plans for more green spaces, working with the appropriate agencies to make it safer to walk, run, and bike around town, improving traffic flow and pedestrian safety throughout town, bringing water, sewer, and other city services to unincorporated parts of town, or supporting downtown and our other small businesses – these are just some goals for Mebane that begin when leaders like Sean C. Ewing listen to Mebanites.

Sean Ewing for Mebane City Council

Our growing team of volunteers and supporters reflect Sean’s authentic commitment to accessible, responsive, and supportive local leadership.

Sean is ready to act on what is important to the Mebane community. As a leader on City Council, Sean will strive to represent all of his constituents. A problem solver at work, Sean knows the most efficient solution begins with listening to the feedback from those experiencing the the problem. Sean C. Ewing listens. He hears. And he asks, how can Mebane work for you?

Sean Ewing for Mebane City Council

Local business, downtown and beyond, are the front door to the American Dream for so many in the Mebane community. Sean is committed to supporting the success of local businesses.

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