Meet Sean

Meet Sean

Sean C. Ewing is running to serve as your next Mebane City Councilperson. A US Air Force Veteran having served from Texas to Japan to South Korea, Sean C. Ewing calls the City of Mebane home.

Currently working as a private sector engineering professional with Volvo Trucks, Sean finds time to be active with local veterans groups, build strong relationships with downtown merchants, and is driven to make Mebane the best it can be for all its citizens. An individual trusted to keep F-16’s in the air, is a person you know you can trust to be you city councilperson.

Sean Ewing is the epitome of active citizen. Always looking for ways to engage his community, Sean steps up, gets involved, and leads with a genuine enthusiasm for bettering Mebane for everyone.

He is determined to see that all eligible persons are registered to vote, productively engaged with city leaders, encouraged to shop locally, and able to participate in the election process.

Ewing is an active member of the Mebane Historical Society & Museum, VFW Mebane Post 1920, NAACP, and Veterans Connect where he reaches out to support local Veterans. Believing in the importance of public service and education, Ewing supports Mebane Community United in Unity nourishing Mebane Fire and Police Departments. He actively advocates expanding his relationships with school officials and initiating city-led partnerships with Mebane schools, teachers, and parents.

Sean is able to devote himself to bettering the City of Mebane in no small part due to the dedication of his fiancee Iza. An independently accomplished individual in her own right, she and Sean uniquely encompass the spirit of Mebane – a place where the tradition of hard work, dedication to community, and demonstrated ability can unleash the full potential of tomorrow.

Thank you for joining with Sean. Together, we can move Mebane forward!

#earlyvoting has started!!! All Parties and Unaffiliated Voters can vote. One big item on the ballot is the Sales and Use Tax. Several County Commissioners have said they will lower Property Taxes if the issue passes. Get out and vote!!!! #voting #alamance
Bear with us and the new City #park #dogpark . After all the rain this week we had to temporarily close it. Don't worry though, it will reopen on Monday! #mebane #family #citypark
More #mebane #311 action! We've got some sidewalk issues over here on Holt St. In the words of Pastor Tyrone Alston at #kimeschapel from North of town, "If you see something, say something." #ittakesavillage #mebane #family
@positivelymebane #CookingCorner is officially open!!! #ribboncutting was performed today and we're so happy that they are open! Stop by the latest #mebane restaurant and have some healthy food options. #mebane #family #healthy #food
Today was the City of Mebane's IT Director Ray Smith's last day before #retirement ! He's done a great job watching over all the City's IT systems. As an #engineer myself, I know that if all systems are working well and the City is out of any headlines for getting hacked, our IT folks are doing their job. #thankyou for your service to #mebanenc Ray and we wish you the best in retirement..... and fishing!
What a great opportunity to meet with @joshsteinnc and @electbobbyrd this evening! We need more elected officials coming to and bringing together all people of #alamance #county #mebane #representatives
As I'm attending the Alamance-Burlington School System Board meeting, the #ABSS board is discussing their budget and School Resource Officers (SRO). I am proud of our #Mebane #Police for helping fund a SRO position for one of our local schools. It takes a village to ensure success and safety for all!!! Thank you Mebane PD! #mebane #family
I am so proud to have been presented a challenge coin by #mebane #police department Chief Caldwell. As a Veteran presenting another Veteran the coin, I am so grateful to work with our City of Mebane Police Department. #mebane #safety
"Where's @downtownmebanenc located?" Well, now people will know with our new wayfinder signs! The City of Mebane has new signs up around town to help direct everyone to our lovely Downtown!!! There's another sign by @tangeroutlets entrance too! #mebane #downtown #family