Mebane working for Everyone

Mebane Working for Everyone

Sean C. Ewing brings fresh energy and vigorous enthusiasm in his continued service to the Mebane community. An ear to the people, he knows that Mebane wants an accessible leader who listens to the needs of a rapidly expanding community; he is prepared to respond with a strategic vision for managing Mebane’s growth.  Sean is excited to step up and get to work building a Mebane that works for everyone!

Sean Speaks with Supporters

Sean C. Ewing speaks with Mebanites about their vision for the city.

Improving Mebane Schools through Innovative Partnerships –

Sean C. Ewing has long advocated that Mebane City should work in new ways with Alamance County and school system officials. Our Mebane schools are overcrowded, aging, and in desperate need of repair. The quality of our schools directly impacts our property values, ability to grow in a smart way, local economy, and quality of life for Mebane residents – an educated workforce is the driving force behind Mebane’s future success. Sean argues against the old way of thinking that said, the responsibility for schools is not a “city issue.” Sean stands in strong support for finding innovative ways to support our students, teachers, and Mebane’s future, including:

  • Continuing to advocate and build relationships with county and school system leadership,
  • Beginning city-led education initiatives for science, math, music, arts, and sports programs,
  • Making the City of Mebane a more active partner in education with our Mebane schools, and
  • Supporting a new city-county cooperative model of education investment.

Preserving Downtown Mebane & Our Small Businesses  – Growth that doesn’t cost us our roots.

Sean C. Ewing for Mebane City Council at New Millennium Fittness

New Millennium opened in 1999. Today was the first time anyone on city council or running for Mebane City Council has asked Allen Crowder about his concerns and vision for Mebane.

Sean C. Ewing is dedicated to preserving and building upon Downtown Mebane’s success and the success of other small business in town. Our downtown is our history, our heart, and a reflection of our incredible community. Downtown and our community of small businesses are also the future of Mebane. We see this with the addition of the Lofts at White Furniture, statewide accolades for Downtown Table, and a known destination for avid antiquers from near and far. Downtown and our small businesses are, for many, the front door to the livelihoods of Mebane’s family owned, local small business owners, and the people they employ.

Sean Ewing for Mebane City Council

Sean C. Ewing enjoying the Mebane Farmers’ Market

The idea Mebane is the biggest small town on Earth comes alive when celebrating with friends, neighbors, and family during the Dogwood Festival, Autumn Fest, and the largest nighttime Christmas Parade in the country. A visit to one of Downtown Mebane’s unique shops, lunch with friends at one of the highly renowned restaurants or bars is a reminder of what makes Mebane worth celebrating. Sean believes we must work to promote our downtown businesses and ensure our vibrant community continues to thrive through Main Street and beyond.

In addition to being part of Mebane culture and a prime destination for visitors from throughout the state–and beyond, Downtown Mebane and our community of small businesses throughout town:

  • Provides part-time and full-time employment to a large number of Mebanites,20170528_153916
  • Offers unique and specialized services found less and less with larger retailers,
  • Is home to many small and mid-sized, family owned businesses. Truly, Downtown
  • Mebane is where the American Dream has come to be for many Mebanites, and
  • Merchants, industries, and professional services contribute a significant proportion to the Mebane economy, which allows our city to grow our parks, provide for public safety, and bring benefit to others in Mebane.

Sean understands that Mebane’s growth near the interstate and changing traffic patterns is a challenge to downtown and small businesses. Sean is ready to respond to these challenges and act on ways to promote continued success downtown and beyond.

Sean Ewing for Mebane City Council

Listening to local business leaders

Be it an ice cream parlor, eatery, barber shop, print house, martial arts classroom, dance studio, book store, martini bar, source of Mebane nightlife, craft beer store, coffee house, antique store, or another uniquely quirky store, Downtown Mebane is where the American dream of owning your own business comes to be for so many in Mebane. Sean C. Ewing is dedicated to preserving the lasting impression downtown has given to Mebane.

Mebane Growth Vision – Smart growth balancing small-town charm with a future we all enjoy.

Sean C. Ewing stands a smart residential growth plan, which includes: 1. Prioritizing family homes over more apartment complexes and 2. Following though on plans for safer ways to walk, bike, and run in town. Sean C. Ewing has listened to the people of Mebane say getting around a growing Mebane has to be easier, safer, and stay true to Mebane’s small-town feel.

Sean C Ewing

Sean C. Ewing discussing issues important to educators, local women leaders, and members of the Mebane community.

Most of us drive in Mebane; however, more of us would walk and bike if it was safer to do so.  And there are many parts of town where traffic flow could be improved. There certainly are intersections where accidents frequently happen that need to be addressed. Sean stands for finding innovative–yet often simple–solutions beyond just wider roads and more stoplights to manage transportation problems in Mebane.

The people of Mebane tend to be a patient bunch–probably because Mebanites stay in town long enough to learn the back ways to where we need or want to go. Still more of us would walk or bike more if there were better connected sidewalks, more street lighting, and there were safer ways to cross the street.

Sean C. Ewing wants smart growth policy that makes it safer and easier to walk, stroll, run, and bike in town. This means:

  • Better connected sidewalks,
  • Better street lighting along the sidewalks,
  • Safer ways to cross streets, and
  • More greenways connecting neighborhoods in town.

Traffic congestion in Mebane, who would have thought the day would come? It wasn’t 20170617_115437that long ago when the only time we would complain about traffic was getting off 3rd street after the July 4th celebration, getting across town during the Christmas Parade, and leaving Eastern after a football game. Like so many of other Mebaites, Sean is ready to act on ways for Mebane to make it more convenient to drive while keeping Mebane’s charm:

  • Making it easier and safer to get around town by walking and biking,
  • Widening roads when necessary,
  • Increasing the number of crosswalks,
  • Considering traffic congestion before approving new housing developments,
  • Creating designated truck routes, and
  • Making it easier and safer for students to walk to school.

For our veterans and students, Sean has listened and recognizes the importance of public transportation to: Assisting our local veterans getting timely access to the VA and helping some of our local students get from Mebane to Alamance Community College.

Working at the City Level to end Human TraffickingProtecting those most vulnerable

Sean C. Ewing recognizes human trafficking – treating people as commodities to be traded, exploited, and forced into commercial sex and/or free labor – is an issue of local importance impacting our growing community. This issue demands leaders at all levels of government to stand against this form of modern-day slavery. For communities like Mebane along the I-40/85 interstate corridor, this is an issue of extreme importance. North Carolina ranks in the top 10 of states for cases of human trafficking. It’s a problem supported by ease of transportation along the interstate, the demand for cheap and/or free labor, and local unawareness of how to identify and report the problem to the appropriate authorities.

As a Mebane City Councilperson, I propose that Mebane address the issue of human trafficking through training, reporting, and appropriate municipal law enforcement policy by:

  • Requiring all city officials to receive education on how to recognize, respond, and report human trafficking to appropriate law enforcement agencies,
  • Train city inspections department officials to be able to recognize exploitative labor practices,
  • Insure Mebane police and firefighters receive training on human trafficking education,
  • Identify areas of concern and increase police patrols of areas in Mebane where incidents of human trafficking are more likely to occur, and
  • Work in partnership with county-wide and local agencies to increase local awareness and improve our ability to combat this horrible issue.

For victims of human trafficking, every effort to combat this vulgar injustice is meaningful. It requires that we first recognize the problem exists and take meaningful steps to combat the problem. Sean C. Ewing believes that the Mebane City Council should work as an active partner helping to bring an end to this type horrendous crime.

Growing a Green MebaneResponsible and responsive environmental leadership.  

Sean C. Ewing believes all of Mebane deserve a safe and clean environment. He stands for smart, responsible, and environmentally sound city leadership. As Mebane continues to grow, welcome new families, add new industries, and keep the promise of a better Mebane for the generations that come after, Sean will work on responsible ways to protect our city’s natural resources and setting a green vision for our city.

Part of Sean’s vision for a greener Mebane is to work for weekly recycling pick-up as well as bringing recycling bins downtown, all our parks, and sports fields.


A leader who listens

Mebane is home to multiple waterways, unique natural habitats, and 2 lakes. Mebane’s drinking water is linked in partnership with the City of Graham. Mebane must remain the leading force when making policy decisions that determines the quality of our drinking water and health of our residents. Sean will make decisions based in fact. Part of Ewing’s vision for growing a green Mebane includes:

  • More frequent recycling pickups.
  • Installation of recycling containers at Downtown Mebane, city parks, and recreational facilities.
  • Expanding the installation of electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Supporting city land conservation efforts.
  • Addressing areas impacted by leaking septic systems.

Building partnershipsBuilding partnerships with community, 1st responders, and schools.

19113607_1559182074112565_4801214639391641211_nBelieving in the importance of public service and education, Ewing supports Mebane Community together in Unity nourishing Mebane Fire and Police Departments. He actively advocates expanding his relationships with school officials and initiating city-led partnerships with Mebane schools, teachers, and parents.


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