Sean’s North Star

Sean’s North Star

Mebane is in my heart; it is my home. Mebane is where the tradition of knowing your neighbor and building a future lives. There is so much to celebrate in Mebane. There are many challenges ahead, some long ignored, and it will take leaders with an eye towards the future to help Mebane grow to its full potential while respecting the city’s rich history – Sean C. Ewing

3 Generations of Military

Three generations of service

Leading from the front – A veteran, person of service, and community leader, Sean knows the best leaders are on the ground working side-by-side with the people he serves. At work and in the community, Sean has made it his mission to lead by example. Sean is out front encouraging his neighbors to include others in his work and to actively improve their community. From helping other veterans receive their overdue medals and honors to increasing the number of registered voters to motivating his neighbors to be more active citizens, Sean C. Ewing is a leader you know will be at your side.

Decisions through Character – South Mebane Elementary teaches that character is how you behave when no one is looking. Elected leaders are charged with keeping the public’s trust and treasure. Know that Sean C. Ewing’s decisions on the city council will be guided in a convictions of character where:

A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold. – Proverbs 22:1

A respect for others is Sean C. Ewing’s north star; respect can extend only as far as one respects themselves. This is why Sean works to keep a reputation for being an honest, truthful, responsible, and empathetic person. Sean believes that respect for others is found in promoting the dignity of others. This character trait also applies to respecting


Decisions through Character

our environment and reaching our city’s full potential in a way that benefits the whole of Mebane. With Mebane’s rich history for being a beacon of progress in the area, respecting and honoring our past with open eyes on a better future, the notion of respect is pivotal to ensuring a more united Mebane.


Sean C. Ewing

Sean C. Ewing

A leader with integrity, Sean C. Ewing holds the betterment of Mebane above personal goals and ambition. When difficult decisions have to be made, Sean is prepared to stand up for what is best for all of Mebane. As our city continues to grow and expand, challenges will present themselves, and difficult decisions will have to be made. Know that Sean values the needs of Mebane over himself. Sean will work to ensure the needs of the all members of our community are heard.



Strength in diversity

Strength in Acceptance of Others – Especially during this age of political divisiveness, we must work across a spectrum of people, personalities, and lifestyles. Sean C. Ewing believes Mebane should be a place where everyone feels welcome and safe. When ugliness and bigotry show their faces, Sean believes Mebane should stand in unity against demagoguery.

As our community continues to grow, Mebane will become more diverse.  As a community, we must be able to work with new Mebanites joining our community as well as those Mebanites who called Mebane home when it had a single stoplight. We are a stronger community for our diversity and acceptance.


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#mebane #cabinfever ? Walk a few lap at the new City #park ! @cityofmebanerec is doing a great job of ensuring we are all adhering to #cdc safety guideline. Several #soccer goals are available at the park too so you can practice and/or take the kids to run around too! #mebanestrong #mebanenc #covid_19 #coronavirus
I #volunteered over at the @bls.sacrament.parish in #burlingtonnc with their #fooddrive . I think there was something like 600+ families served. Many #families with 6 or more people We're in some challenging times right now and there will certainly be more challenges in the future. Watch out for you #neighbors , watch out for your loved ones, and watch out for your #health #inthistogether #mebanestrong #mebane #covid19 #coronavirus
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Last lot of #3d printed Faceshields delivered to local #mebane #firstresponders and I've got another small request for Ear-savers printing right now! If anyone knows of any other area healthcare facility including retirement communities, first responders or anyone else in need of #personalprotectiveequipment , feel free to reach out! #mebanestrong #wereinthistogether #covid_19 #coronavirus
Was at #mebanenc @kenyonsmeatmarket and saw @fatmanandhisfood sauces. Jay, brother, I know I am waaaaay behind the curve as far as you bringing #bbq sauces to market, but 3 sauces at Kenyons plus you fed them lunch today, congratulations!!! #mebane is blessed to have you. #mebanestrong #fatmanandhisfood #supportlocal #supportsmallbusiness #covid_19 #coronavirus
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