Join with Sean!

Join with us! Victory in November depends on good people like you getting involved. There are phone calls to make, neighbors to talk to, and doors to knock on! If you are ready to step up and help out, let us know! Moving forward towards a better Mebane is all of our responsibility.

Thank you for offering to help. Campaigns that work for all citizens depend on people like you who offer their time and support. Someone will contact you as the campaign continues to move forward. We encourage you to connect with us on Facebook and invite your friends to join up as well.

I am so proud to have been presented a challenge coin by #mebane #police department Chief Caldwell. As a Veteran presenting another Veteran the coin, I am so grateful to work with our City of Mebane Police Department. #mebane #safety
"Where's @downtownmebanenc located?" Well, now people will know with our new wayfinder signs! The City of Mebane has new signs up around town to help direct everyone to our lovely Downtown!!! There's another sign by @tangeroutlets entrance too! #mebane #downtown #family
On this #mlk day, let us humbly reflect on Dr. King's legacy and thoughts on Civil Rights and equity. Let's follow his example to work towards Justice and Equality for everyone in #mebane , #alamancecounty , and #northcarolina
The reported pothole is filled in! Thank you @positivelymebane Public Works! Mebane is #workingforyou with the #mebanenc #311 system. See a pothole, see a light that's out, see damaged sidewalk.... report it! https://mebane.mobile311.com #mebane #positivelycharming
Good morning coffee with local Mebane #business #leaders at the monthly @mbamebane meeting. So proud of everyone contributing to the Mebane community. CMIT Solutions of Chapel Hill hosted the meeting and had leftover @bojangles1977 ...... so we helped deliver a late breakfast to the Mebane Public Works Department! #mebane #family
Went up to @eah_eagles to watch Daria Harris sing the #nationalanthem and the Lady #eagle basketball team! #easternalamance #highschool #mebane #family
Iza and I had a quick lunch over in @burlingtonnc today, then stopped by @persnickety_books ........ and look who was there! Mayor @ianbaltutis !!! What a great little book store and lots of reading options. We'll be filling a #littlelibrary around town soon! #millenial #mayor #burlington #mebane
Belated #HappyNewYear ! One thing I'll really be pushing in #2020 is the #mebanenc #311 system. This is a system the City has invested in to report issues around town. See a pothole, see a light that's out, see damaged sidewalk.... report it! https://mebane.mobile311.com Create an account, check it out the 311 system and help continue to keep Mebane #positively #charming . (Also, I'll get a better microphone next video 😁)
"When you wear a suit like that, you've gotta get a picture by the tree" 😁 As the Holidays wind down, we hope everyone had a lovely time with friends, family, and those that are dear. #happyholidays #everyone
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