Join with Sean!

Join with us! Victory in November depends on good people like you getting involved. There are phone calls to make, neighbors to talk to, and doors to knock on! If you are ready to step up and help out, let us know! Moving forward towards a better Mebane is all of our responsibility.

Thank you for offering to help. Campaigns that work for all citizens depend on people like you who offer their time and support. Someone will contact you as the campaign continues to move forward. We encourage you to connect with us on Facebook and invite your friends to join up as well.

A beautiful @downtownmebanenc Fall day. Having a cold-brew at @reedscoffeeandart and chatting with Mebanites. I ❤️ @positivelymebane #vote #eWINgformebane #november #5th
Early Voting is here!!! For those in Alamance, Early Voting is at the Alamance County Board of Elections at 115 S. Maple in Graham. Early Voting in Orange County is at the Orange County Board of Elections at 208 S Cameron St, Hillsborough. #earlyvoting #vote #eWINgformebane
Elected officials should represent all peoples in their District. I had a wonderful time visiting Mebanites that partook in the Alamance @pride Festival. #vote #eWINgformebane #represent
@downtownmebanenc Autumn Festival going on right now!!! @junctionon70 's own @stevenkrans kicking off the Beer Garden too! #family #ilovemebane #eWINgformebane
Another beautiful @wearemebanenc night! And a really good day chatting Mebanites. #mebane #sunset #eWINgformebane
Big shout-out to the Copper Stone development. Y'all have a PACKED @littlefreelibrary full of fantastic books for all ages. I love to @visitlittlelibraries from all across the @mebanenc !!! #vote #eWINgformebane #reading
In the middle of political campaign, you have to balance work, campaigning, and personal life. It was wonderful to go on a date last night with my better half and focus on us. Back to meeting with and talking to neighbors and friends in @wearemebanenc !!! #vote #eWINgformebane #worklifebalance
Out door-knocking Mebanite doors and visiting a @littlefreelibrary in our own Holt Street Park! I'm so proud of our @mebanepolice and their community involvement. #lovemebane #vote #eWINgformebane
The Cars, Cops and Coffee was spectacular today at @buffaloelanes ! Sponsored by @reedscoffeeandart and @muffins_ice_cream_shoppe_ , I had the opportunity to check out some beautiful cars. I got up close with a pair of very well maintained @deloreanmotorcompany cars and we all had some good conversations with @mebanepolice and other departments too! #mebane #delorean #vote #eWINgformebane
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