Join with Sean!

Join with us! Victory in November depends on good people like you getting involved. There are phone calls to make, neighbors to talk to, and doors to knock on! If you are ready to step up and help out, let us know! Moving forward towards a better Mebane is all of our responsibility.

Thank you for offering to help. Campaigns that work for all citizens depend on people like you who offer their time and support. Someone will contact you as the campaign continues to move forward. We encourage you to connect with us on Facebook and invite your friends to join up as well.

Great night at the @easterneaglesfootball game. Military appreciation, @eah_eagles Softball STATE CHAMPS RECOGNITION, great @eastern_alamance_bands during halftime, and a SOLID win for the Eagles 40-20 over Southern. #family #mebane #ewingformebane
I was out meeting with @downtownmebanenc residents today and a newly minted Mebanite and her daughter gave me a flower from their front yard. I could not have been happier to be where I was today. I love everything about our town and @mebanenc residents. Mebane is our home and Mebane is our life. #eWINgformebane #mebane
Great conversation with @teamsters local 391 near Colfax the other day. Such a good talk and back-and-forth dialogue. Neat little tid-bit of info, my employer, @volvotrucks has union workers at both of our #AmericanMade truck plants. #eWINgForMebane @americanmadematters
Mr. Perkins and the @downtownmebanenc Farmers Market...... we are all so fortunate to have been taught underneath him and/or known him for his incredible produce. @mebanenorthcarolina is fortunate to have someone as dedicated as him. #farmersmarket #northcarolina #smalltown
A @positivelymebane day to get out to listen to neighbors. I love talking and hearing from Mebanites from across America as well as those born and raised right here in @mebanenorthcarolina #ewingformebane @wearemebanenc
A beautiful @downtownmebanenc day. Had a quick coffee at @reedscoffeeandart before talking to some Mebanites. Love the weather!!! @downtownmebane @wearemebanenc #mebane
Stopped by the @positivelymebane Library today. We've got a #mebanerocks collection there!!!! Community activities like this are why people love Mebane @northcarolina @wearemebanenc #smalltowncharm
An absolutely gorgeous @mebanenorthcarolina !!! Visited the @easterneaglesfootball and @eastern_alamance_bands today. A great event to see people from across the community and support our schools. #MebaneNC #mebaneareafriends
Iza and I had the fortunate opportunity to watch over @e_squared77 and @joepeep77 's #BabyAlex this week. So adorable! It takes a village to raise children and we're so appreciative the Edwards-Pieper family would allow us to help out. #northcarolina #baby #ittakesavillage #mebanenc
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