Join with Sean!

Join with us! Victory in November depends on good people like you getting involved. There are phone calls to make, neighbors to talk to, and doors to knock on! If you are ready to step up and help out, let us know! Moving forward towards a better Mebane is all of our responsibility.

Thank you for offering to help. Campaigns that work for all citizens depend on people like you who offer their time and support. Someone will contact you as the campaign continues to move forward. We encourage you to connect with us on Facebook and invite your friends to join up as well.

A little bit of a rainy day, but I had the great opportunity to attend the North Carolina League of Municipalities training at the @rockymountevents in #rockymount The training is helpful and the event center was a gorgeous facility. #education #municipal #training
The City of Mebane is seeking applications for the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee! If you are interested, please apply. I hope we, as a City, can provide as many routes and opportunities for Mebanites to contribute and bring input to our lovely City. We are stronger, together. http://cityofmebane.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_230671/File/City%20of%20Mebane%20Boards%20and%20Commissions%20%20Application.pdf #makeyourvoiceheard #contribute #mebanenc
As an elected official, I want to continue to strive to work for Mebanites and with Mebanite neighbors. Tonight I'm visiting with our Hillsborough and Orange County neighbors during their @hillsboroughnc Town Council meeting. #buildingbridges #ncneighbors #ilovemebane
@cityofmebanerec #christmas #parade starts at 7pm in @downtownmebanenc Come on out and enjoy the festivities. There are multiple #foodtruck setups (including @thangswangs ) around Downtown and many #smallbusinesses are staying open for everyone to enjoy. Bundle up, bring a chair, and join us!!!! I'll have the honor of riding or walking alongside the Veterans of Foriegn War vehicles! 🇺🇸
I was fortunate to take part in Mebane's own ABB breaking ground to expand on their existing operations. You know our City has a great partner when the company takes notice of their career employees (20+ and 30+ years of service) and not only bring those long-serving employees into the event, but makes it a special point of them breaking historic ground!!!! #mebaneproud #jobs #strongcommunity
It's was an honor to have Judge Larry Brown swear me in while my beloved Iza held the @vfwhq Bible on Monday night. I am proud and honored to serve as the newest @wearemebanenc City Council member. #ilovemebane #mebanerocks #mebanenc
FYI, Mebane City Council meeting tonight at 6:00pm. Stop on out and see how your local government works! #mebanenc #citycouncil
As our #thanksgiving weekend comes to a close, let's not forget to thank those that keep our @positivelymebane so clean and functional. The great workers of the City of Mebane recently performed some significant cleaning on the Veterans Garden in @downtownmebanenc Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Significant amounts of residents and local Veterans have positively remarked and appreciate the hard work. #thankyou @alamancecountyveterans @vfwhq @theamericanlegion
It's raining a little outside, but supporting local for the holidays can still be done! Check out what's happening in @positivelymebane . In additional to all of our lovely @downtownmebanenc shops, there is @wingskisnc , @ncbulkogi , @fatherandsongourmetwieners , and @cousinsmainelobster food trucks! #shopsmall #shopping #downtownmebane
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